2015.06 WWF. Summary comments to the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the project for construction of integrated complex for extraction and liquefaction of natural gas and gas condensate on the Yamal Peninsula (Yamal LNG Project)

The ESIA materials of Yamal LNG Project presented for public review and discussion comply with the best practices of such documentation development in the RF, in respect of their structure and focus. WWF Russia notes with satisfaction that Yamal LNG Project is determined to comply with the norms of the Russian law as well as international standards and principles in the current conditions of the RF industrial development.

The ESIA of Yamal LNG Project developed in compliance with international standards is a comprehensive assessment of impact on the natural and social environments. The comprehensive assessment of the Project’s impact is based on the ESIA materials developed for specific facilities according to the requirements of the Russian law and positively evaluated by Environmental Expert Review Board. According to international standards’ requirements, additional aspects have been included into the ESIA to expand its informational value.

At the same time, the presented documents are not complete regarding a number of issues. Certain ESIA strategic conclusions require additional discussions and consultations.

Such discussions within the ESIA process will facilitate the efficiency of measures to mitigate the negative impact on the environment from Yamal LNG Project as well as from other projects for development of oil and gas fields in the Russian Arctic.

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