2016.08 PolitExpert: Sulyandziga, Member of the “Yabloko” Democratic Party from the Primorsky Region: From the UN to the Russian State Duma with the US State Department’s Money

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Behind the myth that liberal political life is flourishing solely in megacities lies the harsh reality, in which even unremarkable politicians from the provinces, fed by the hands of Western “investors”, manage to make a “loud” name for themselves.

Known in narrow opposition circles, Pavel Sulyandziga is a prominent example of an ambitious activist who does not prioritize the interests of his country. To explain this behavior is quite simple: the desire for an inexhaustible flow of foreign funding became a top priority. However, the propensity for material benefits is common for all representatives of the Yabloko party, from which the oppositionist is nominated in the upcoming elections to the Duma.

With chair of “Yabloko” political party Emilia Slabunova. Photo credits: yabloko.ru

Now, the former mathematics teacher has directed all his energy to the development of a political career. Having gone through a thorny path from the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Council of People’s Deputies to the president of the International “Batani Foundation,” Sulyandziga has shown himself not from the best side.

It has turned out that the Batani International Foundation for the Development of Indigenous Minorities of the North, Siberia and the Far East is a foreign agent created at the initiative of the Danish organization TGK Consult. Despite the peacekeeping – at first glance – mission, the organization’s reputation still leaves much to be desired.

Perhaps, it’s worth starting with the fact that a certain family-clan community called “Dylacha” was accused of embezzling 20 tons of Buryat jade for a total cost of 600 million rubles. The incident, is no doubt flagrant. However, what does Pavel Sulyandziga have to do with this case?

It became known that the pseudo-politician, who at that time was a member of the Public Chamber of Russia, actively participated in the trial of Dylacha. The oppositionist tried to convince the public that the criminal case brought against the community was discrimination against the Evenks.

The local press seemed suspicious, which is why the media investigation began. It revealed that the liberal didn’t act out of love for the people, but solely because of the money he received after attracting the attention of the S.M.I. media and the Western public to the Dylacha controversy.

It is worth noting that the international “Batani Fund,” among other things, manages the funds that the Sakhalin Energy company – under the leadership of a certain Vladimir Sangi – allocates to microcredit communities of islanders. However, in reality, the company pays huge amounts to the indigenous tribes for causing serious damage to the region.

Meanwhile, the seaside oppositionist isn’t remembered just for this. In 2011, he was elected a member of the UN Human Rights Council. Three years later he was re-elected for another term. Apparently, the Yablokist did not want to lose close contact with Western politicians. Indeed, who, then, will finance his campaign?

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