2017.07 Parallel Information to CERD on discrimination against indigenous peoples of Russia by IWGIA, INFOE, Revival of Kazas, Greenpeace Russia, Memorial

This submission focuses on the situation of the 41 indigenous minority1 peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East, who number approximately 260,000 individuals. They inhabit around twothirds of Russia’s territory, from the Kola peninsula in the European North to the Chukchi peninsula on the Bering Strait. They are politically, economically and socially highly marginalised. Some twothirds live in remote rural communities and remain dependent for their food supply and income on their traditional subsistence activities, such as fishing, hunting, gathering and nomadic reindeer herding.

Russian version:

Categories: Bikin, Chuvaska, English, Imlor lake, Kazas, Yamal LNG, Yamal pastures

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