2014 Price (the film about the destruction of the Shor village Kazas by coal mining companies in Kemerovo region)

The film director – Viacheslav Krechetov  – a member of the civic organisation “Revival of Kazas and the Shor people” (Kemerovo region)

Kazas is a now defunct hamlet of indigenous Shor people, wholly surrounded by open cast mining sites. In the years before its final destruction, it had approximately 80 inhabitants. Before the arrival of mining, the number of residents was significantly higher.

The village has suffered a process of systematic destruction driven by mining interests, from which the local authorities have failed to protect. The villagers are now displaced, some are reported homeless. No adequate substitute land has been offered and no compensation provided that would enable the former inhabitants to rebuild their livelihood. Their main place of worship, the sacred mountain of Karagai-Nash, has been severely violated by mining. Access to the cemetery where their ancestors are buried is greatly impeded.

See version without subtitles:

Kazas, Кречетов-В.В., Shor, coal mining, Kemerovo, traditional lands, video, human rights violations, burnt village, burnt houses, arson attacks, destruction of the village, Абрамович Р.А., Roman Abramovich, Evraz plc Yuzhnaya coal mining company, Шорцы

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