2018. Nikita Kaplin. Contemporary problems of environmental protection and traditional land use in aboriginal Evenkia

Problems of environmental protection and traditional land use:

  1. Lack of legal framework for economic activity and traditional land use.
  2. Lack of legal identification of indigenous persons who have legal rights to traditional land use and economy.
  3. Lack of protection from industrial activities of logging companies.
  4. Failure to comply with the Federal Law dated 7.05.2001 No. 49- FZ.
  5. Registration of hunting grounds in favor of commercial companies.
  6. Infringement of property rights of the aboriginal communities.
  7. Limitation and regulation of traditional use as a method to legitimize poaching.
  8. Legislative initiatives as a method for restriction of indigenous rights.
  9. Imposing impossible obligations to the aboriginal communities.

Categories: English, Evenkia forest


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