2015.04 Submission to the Committee on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination regarding Shor communities in Kemerovo Oblast

The village has suffered a process of systematic destruction driven by mining interests, from which the local authorities have failed to protect. The villagers are now displaced, some are reported homeless. No adequate substitute land has been offered and no compensation provided that would enable the former inhabitants to rebuild their livelihood. Their main place of worship, the sacred mountain of Karagai-Nash, has been severely violated by mining. Access to the cemetery where their ancestors are buried is greatly impeded.

  • the abolition of Shor self-administration and the transfer of most of their ancestral land to a neighbouring municipality, excluding the Shor from decision-making on these territories,
  • the ever closer encroachment of mining operations towards the boundaries of the village, making environmental conditions for the residents unbearable,
  • the destruction of their ancestral territories and natural means of existence, including hunting grounds, pasture, livestock, fishing grounds and others,
  • pressure from the administration to resettle without a resettlement plan or compensation,
  • dismantling of the villagers’ public infrastructure and services by the authorities,
  • armed checkpoints disrupting freedom of movement and
  • a series of arson attacks in which several houses of villagers unwilling to sell their properties were destroyed.

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