2020.05 Joint submission by IWGIA and INFOE for the list of issues concerning the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation with regards to the Eighth periodic report of the Russian Federation on the implementation of the provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

The present submission focuses on the situation of the 41 small numbered indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East, who numbering approximately 260,000 individuals in total traditionally inhabit about two thirds of Russia’s territory, from the Kola peninsula in the European North to the Chukchi peninsula on the Bering strait. They are politically, economically and socially highly marginalized groups. The majority of them live in rural remote communities and remain dependent on their traditional subsistence activities such as fishing, hunting, gathering and nomadic reindeer herding for their income. At the same time, much of the resources, such as timber, oil, gas, gold, diamonds and coal, which account for most of the country’s export revenues are extracted from their territories, often with catastrophic impacts on their communities.

The submission primarily refers to paragraphs 380-386 of the State-party report and provides an assessment of the fulfilment of the recommendations in paragraph 24 of the 2015 Concluding Observations. In addition, it outlines a couple of salient issues which neither the report nor the concluding observations touch upon, but which strongly impact on the indigenous peoples’ rights to enjoy and exercise their rights under the Covenant.


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