A fundamental gap in the understanding of reality between Norilsk Nickel and indigenous peoples

If we look at each of these factors separately they look like coincidences, separate statements of separate individuals. But if we look at these factors cumulatively, they paint a clear picture of Norilsk Nickel managers’ and staff’s worldview and their perception of indigenous peoples. For them, indigenous representatives are not legal subjects. Moreover for Nornickel indigenous peoples are not subjects with specifically indigenous people’s rights, as well as they are not legal persons with general rights living in a specific territory. Read more:

ADC Memorial report. Alluvial Gold Mining is Destroying the Life of the Indigenous Peoples of the Taiga

This report describes the catastrophic consequences of gold mining and violations of the rights of the Shor – a small Indigenous people living in the southwestern area of the Republic of Khakassia and in southern Kemerovo Oblast. Placer gold mining destroys rivers and the natural environment in general in places where the Shor people traditionally reside, which poses a threat to their existence as a people and to their traditional language and culture, particularly because it is their centuries-old relationship with the nature surrounding them that determines their worldview, daily activities, and way of life. Read more:

One of the biggest German investment company began to get rid of the Nornickel shares

The umbrella Organisation of Ethical Shareholders ask a whole host of questions with regard to the Russian group Norilsk Nornickel, who is claimed to infringe – to be responsible for several catastrophes and the violation of indigenous rights. So, in which – how far is DWS invested in Nornickel?  Which risks of Nornickel were known to DWS? What were the arguments saying that Nornickel was a responsible and trustworthy company? Read more:

Murashko O.A. Innovations of the federal legislation of 2020-2021 in the field of the rights of indigenous peoples

The Arctic was the focus of the Russian policy and legislation in 2020 and the first half of 2021. Our research studies the influence of changes in the national policy on indigenous peoples’ sustainable development. We explore the rapid reforms of federal legislation and the public discussion of these reforms as a source of assessment of the processes that are significant for the rights of indigenous peoples. Read more in Russian:

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